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ALPS – Animal Welfare

We are proud and humbled to provide veterinary care to those in need through our welfare partner ALPS.

A bit about ALPS…

Established in 2012, this project is focused on the animals in Etwatwa township on the East Rand, where ALPS provide’s the community with access to a broad range of veterinary services for their pets mainly dogs and cats. ALPS also distribute’s 1 000 kg of dog and cat food monthly to feed over 150 animals from households that survive below the bread line. 

Volunteers are residents of the community who have been trained in basic pet care and animal husbandry. ALPS have equipped these community volunteers with practical know-how and means which they can use to help the animals of their immediate community. This includes an ongoing transfer of knowledge and education on the basics of pet care, and a proactive approach to dealing with fundamental aspects such as sterilization, vaccination and deworming of the animals. 

ALPS educates on how to deal with animals involved in emergency situations such as injuries and poisonings. Through their volunteers, ALPS, aims to provide animals with acceptable standards in living conditions given the community's poverty-stricken circumstances. 

Furthermore, volunteers are ambassadors for animal welfare and aim to engender a profound love of animals across the spectrum of the community and focusing especially on the children.

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Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog
- Franklin P. Jones

Canine Cut ‘n Blo Grooming Parlour

We are privileged to have a canine grooming parlour on-site. Give Cherryl a call to find out more 083 783 9768 or Find them on Facebook